July 2019 – October 2019


Alan Cullinan

Culhig Surveys

Mount Street Bridge – Provide shift coverage to monitor the Mount Street Bridge over the Freeway during the removal and replacement of the centre mast, using temporary support steel work and stressing and de-stressing bridge support cables.

Mount Magnet Mill Survey- Establish Control and survey an existing mill for location and level for future monitoring. Locations recorded with Total Station and levels with a Digi Level. Scan of the Mill using an MS60 Multistation

Agnew Windfarm – Provide machine control models for a Grader constructing a road connecting five future Wind Turbines. Provide Total Station surveys for the construction of the base of the five Wind Turbines including Asbuilt of the bolt sets in a relative survey to the bolt templates and the design. Provide Volumes of cut and fill for Road Construction. Trenching setouts for cabling, connecting Wind Farm to Power Grid