Block Feature Surveying from Queens Park, Port Hedland, Bridgetown and Australind

Dean Smith Engineering Surveyor offers expert surveying for Feature Plans in the Queens Park, Port Hedland, Bridgetown and Australind areas.

Whether it is a Housing or Industrial block, Road, Rail or bushland to be developed. Dean Smith Surveying provides GPS and Total Station Surveying for Feature Survey purposes as listed below:

  • Control Establishment – Traversing with a 3 second instrument and reducing data using both angular adjustment and the Bowditch adjustment method to refine results. Where horizontal tolerances can be met by GPS, multiple reading, averaged RTK GPS. Both methods are levelled with a Digital Level.
  • GPS – For surveys with a tolerance of plus or minus 20mm GPS is most efficient.
  • Total Station – Where tolerances are tight and require to the millimetre precision.
  • Data – is exported/imported as CSV or DXF/DWG formats. Drainage D-Spec shape files can also be supplied. Dean Smith Surveying uses Civilcad software, Global Mapper, Google Earth and Microsoft Excel for data processing.