April 2010 – January 2011


Dan Grogan and Mike Mckimmie

Main Roads

25Km Feature Survey Marble Bar Rd


Redmont Ballast Quarry Survey for stockpile volumes and Drill and Blast volumes every fortnight


South Hedland Hospital Carparks and Roads including Machine Control Data files for Grader Machine Control.


South Hedland Recreation Centre earthworks, concrete footings and holding down bolt set-out.

Main Roads

Audit work for Wall-work Rd South Hedland


Feature Survey of existing BP and setout of new BP site Port Hedland.

Process Minerals

Stockpile volume surveys for Manganese yard, Port Hedland

Newcrest Mining

Stockpile volume surveys for Copper Ore, Port Authority, Port Hedland

Water Corp

Boundary stakes for new fence lines South Hedland

Residential Feature Surveys

Numerous house and land surveys for future subdivisions South and Port Hedland


Feature survey and stakes for fence lines and various area fence line delineation

Caltex Site

Feature survey post demolition


Audit survey work for the new Caltex Site Port Hedland.

Port Hedland Port Authority

Setup of new control points for the Utah Point Project.

Town of Port Hedland

Stakes for level and location of new oval construction South Hedland


Transfer of Levels to supply Well RL’s using a digital level in Wedgefield.